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Breaking a Forty-Year Habit

God wants you to keep growing in your Christian life.

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Just Between Us (JBU) Announces New Blogs

JBU now has three weekly blogs where you can be inspired and encouraged by like-minded women who share the same desire as you – to grow in your faith in the midst of all the challenges of daily life. Sign up today!
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My Fear was Replaced by Compassion

Understanding Muslim culture and religion, Joy Loewen has been effectively ministering to Muslim women for over 30 years with the love and truth of Jesus Christ. There is joy in the journey of ministering to Muslim women!

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JBU Summer Internship

JBU magazine is looking for a 2014 summer Intern. Consider this outstanding opportunity to learn about all aspects of publishing.

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Love Really Does Mean Having to Say You're Sorry!

I like what C. S. Lewis says in the Problem of Pain about confession: “A man who admits no guilt can accept no forgiveness.” Which is why I think taking inventory of our own depravity – being aware of both our penchant for and practice of sin – is a necessary aspect of worship.
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2/17 to 3/17 2014
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