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God is the songwriter. It is up to us to listen, learn, and then to sing!

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Have a Go!

I have found Americans reticent about “having a go.” If they can’t do it well, they won’t do it at all. It takes the grace of God to “have a go” at a spiritual challenge that seems totally beyond us. I have found, however, that in trying to meet needs that I have felt I was not qualified to meet, I have had to depend more on God.


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Pam Ferrel - Connecting Love & Wisdom

We get to do what we love , with the one we love, talking about the author of love,” says speaker, author, relationship specialist and JBU Advisory Board member Pam Farrell. Join us as Pam shares her passion and joy for the ministry God has given her and husband Bill.

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JBU FALL 2014 Issue

The Just Between Us magazine fall issue is here!

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Is Jesus Enough?

So what do we do with the suffering of the world? We don’t turn away and avoid the pain; we enter into it. Whether it’s our loved ones facing crisis or people thousands of miles away living in horrendous conditions, the truth is the same. The cross is enough. Jesus is sufficient and His love never fails.
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