Devotions with Jill Briscoe

Ever Green

God's grace plants His followers in running streams of His love.

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Faith Displayed - Belief in God's Goodness

Faith distress can lead us to faith development so that our faith is displayed to the world. Jeremiah’s words in Lamentations 3 reveal qualities of genuine faith.


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Pam Farrel - Connecting Love & Wisdom

"We get to do what we love , with the one we love, talking about the author of love,” says speaker, author, relationship specialist and JBU Advisory Board member Pam Farrel. Join us as Pam shares her passion and joy for the ministry God has given her and husband Bill.

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JBU FALL 2014 Issue

The Just Between Us magazine fall issue is here!

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Whispers in the Woods

Instead, God says, “I carved this path through the woods for you. I know what is ahead and I see its end. I promise to be with you on every step, on every turn. Your only concern is to stay close to Me, to hear the guidance of My voice in your ear, to feel the strength of My arms around you, and to follow my confident pace alongside you. Will you go with Me?”
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