Devotions with Jill Briscoe

God's Creation Always Points to the Master

Lord, thank you for showing me Your attributes in the world You created.

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Singing the Comfort Song in a Time of Grief

I sang my song born out of grief and overwhelming loss; a song of comfort and of joy. The words of my song were: “Absent from the body, present with the Lord.”


Women Like Us

Pam Farrel - Connecting Love & Wisdom

"We get to do what we love , with the one we love, talking about the author of love,” says speaker, author, relationship specialist and JBU Advisory Board member Pam Farrel. Join us as Pam shares her passion and joy for the ministry God has given her and husband Bill.

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JBU WINTER 2014 Issue

The Just Between Us magazine winter issue is here!

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Embracing Transitions in Life

Transition is a hard topic to discuss. While there is plenty to say about it, most of us really don’t like change, and with transition comes change.
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