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Keeping Your Joy

Real joy can be found only in the presence of God.

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Developing a Heart for People

Compassion moves you from the comparative safety of your own house into the marketplace of the world. Compassion gets you off the evangelical donkey and into the ditch or, if you like, into the trenches. If you are moved with compassion, you don’t ride past someone in trouble. You get down from your high horse and attend to the one who has been robbed and beaten by thieves. We all need to develop a heart for people.


Women Like Us

Susan Lawrence - Finding His Purpose Step by Step

It’s the BIG question we all ask, isn’t it? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Author, speaker, women’s ministry consultant, JBU Advisory Board member and bible study teacher Susan Lawrence has been grappling with these questions for years. “We all want our purpose to be spelled out like a job description”, says Susan, “but God usually has other plans!”

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JBU FALL 2014 Issue

The Just Between Us magazine fall issue is here!

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Is Jesus Enough>

So what do we do with the suffering of the world? We don’t turn away and avoid the pain; we enter into it. Whether it’s our loved ones facing crisis or people thousands of miles away living in horrendous conditions, the truth is the same. The cross is enough. Jesus is sufficient and His love never fails.
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