Christian Devotions on Encouragement

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. ~ Philippians 3:13-14

Enjoy these devotional lessons on Encouragement!  Letting God Carry Your Burdens:
Let God's shoulders carry the weight of your burdens.
Winged Words:
With Christ, you can have the 'know how' for every situation. Capacity for Faithfulness:
How to you keep moving when all your efforts seem futile? Christian Angels:
You have one family that will never let you down. Wonderful Counselor:
Before we despairingly call a friend, spill our physical and emotional pain in the doctor's office, or shout our problem from the housetops, we need to go to God!
Drawing on God's Strength:
We have a God we can rely on with assurance.  Are You Feeling Discouraged?:
When the process was slow and the days were long, Jesus Christ experienced the immediate assistance of God.  And so may we! Hurling Your Cares on Him:
Whoever and wherever we find ourselves, when the inadequacy overwhelms, stop and take a deep breath and cast your cares on Him who is sufficient for all things.
Are You Feeling Bruised by Life?:
Are you bruised?  Do you feel like a flickering wick, about to go out? Listen to the promise of Jehovah. A Heart for Women
Jesus saw her need.  She thirsted for relationships to fill her empty life.
God Given Opportunities
God will give you strength as He opens doors.
Are You Disappointed?
You can deal positively with the disappointments in your life. Dare to Be Bold
Speaking the truth even in difficult situations. Laying Our Nothings in His Hand
When we come to the end of our fleshly effort and lay our nothings in His hand, Jesus gives them back to us, dressed in something new.