Christian Devotions on Praise & Worship
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! ~ Psalm 150:6

Enjoy these devotional lessons on Praise & Worship!
The Songwriter:
A word of encouragement for the dark hours. New Clothes:
If we will allow God to dress our spirit with praise, we will begin to sing again. Knowing:
God has no uncertainty and He is there for you every step into the future. Always:
You can rejoice in the Lord even when you are overwhelmed with grief. God of My Pleasant Places:
Praise during troubled times sweetens praise during peaceful times.
Have You Taken Worship Too Lightly?:
We take the privilege of worship too lightly.  We get too chummy with God and try to bring him down to our level.  Think About the Cross:
As for me, I am sold - devastated by the story of the God-man subjected to humiliation that defies description.  I am captured, reduced to tears - I worship! Life's Balance
There are appropriate times for emotions. A Time to Worship
God gives us new insights through our trials.