Holding on to Truth

Holding on to Truth - Christian women can make an impact by engaging culture in our post-modern world!
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/Flashing-Sarah.jpgBy Constance Fink

Most women know someone—maybe even themselves-- who struggle with decisions about reproductive issues, care for elderly parents at the end of life, or children being confronted with secular ideas in school. 

Sarah Flashing is passionate about teaching women how to discover truth and hold firmly to Christian values in a culture that attempts to separate faith and reason.  Her ministry – The Center for Women of Faith in Culture – stimulates women in churches to think about topics such as apologetics, theology, and bioethics. Her desire is for women’s ministry leaders to be better equipped to help other women navigate the confusing maze of information and make wise decisions.  

Sarah has been a guest on numerous radio programs including the John and Kathy Show and MBN’s Prime Time America. She also co-chairs the Church-Bioethics Network at The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity and has testified before the Illinois State Legislature on embryonic stem cell research.  Sarah is an adjunct Instructor of Ethics at McHenry County College and speaks regularly at churches. She and her husband George live in Harvard, Illinois with their three teenage boys and three cats.

JBU:  Please tell us about your organization.

SARAH:  I saw the need for women’s ministry to adapt to the changing needs of women.  Our goal is to train women to think theologically and consider life’s everyday issues through a Christian worldview. Specifically we teach on the importance of core doctrines, how the church engages culture, and address personal questions related to reproductive ethics.  Meeting the intellectual needs of women, we believe, is foundational to coming alongside her in other areas of her life.

JBU:  What needs does your ministry address?

SARAH:  Many churches struggle with an event-driven model of ministry that often offers little education for women…by women.  The church needs thinking women to equip current and future generations of women, and especially to be prepared for the onslaught of competing worldviews influencing both men and women.  At a time when truth is viewed almost as a “myth”, the responsibility and opportunities of women require more substance to navigate the myriad of ideas in the world.  Please check out my article, “Why the Church Needs More Thinking Women” http://www.womenfaithculture.com/?page_id=406

JBU:  What do you project the most significant need of women to be in 10 years?

SARAH:  It will be the most significant need of people in general, and that is the need for Jesus.  Christianity is challenged today as never before.  The fact is, if Jesus is not the only way—a message up for grabs even in some Christian circles—then He is incapable of meeting personal needs. Women’s greatest need in 10 years will be clarity on the gospel and the person of Christ, without which Christianity will be no different from any other worldview.

JBU:  What are the important ingredients to launch a thinking women’s ministry in church?

SARAH:  Not only do women’s ministries need a leader, but they need to be team driven with a variety of gifts represented on the team. We need women of hospitality, generosity, mercy, etc….but we desperately need women teachers doing more than facilitating Bible studies. Typically, facilitators turn off light switches and turn on DVD players.  Women are not only more capable than that as Christ followers, they are responsible for far more and that requires far more. Biblical literacy and the ability to communicate biblical truth belong to both men and women.  The next generation of Christian women need to have a love for God’s Word modeled for them by us.

JBU:  How have men responded to your ministry?

SARAH:  Men get it. In fact, some of my readers are men, many of whom are pastors.  They support the Center’s mission to women’s minds and lives. They respect the message in that it isn’t a feminine theology, but it’s a biblical message with a focus on women.

JBU:  What tips would you offer to parents to raise their daughters?

SARAH:  Young women need to be trained to think. So often we resort to the stereotypes of men as thinkers and women as feelers. I’m afraid that has led to theological laziness and biblical illiteracy.  If young women aren’t prepared to give an answer for the hope within them in today’s world, tomorrow will be an even greater challenge. Proverbs 1:5  “Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance.”

Sarah’s Favorites:

  • Favorite Scripture verse/passage: All of Ephesians
  • Favorite song: The Voice of Truth, Casting Crowns
  • Favorite book: Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey and Creed or Chaos by Dorothy Sayers
  • One fun thing you like to do with your husband: Play with our cats, Princess, Pepi, and sometimes Ducky when he feels like showing off.

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