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"If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own.  As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world."  John 15:19 A Christ-like Response to Homosexuality
How do we be faithful to the unchanging truth of Scripture as we understand it and relevant to a dramatically changing culture as we see it?
Christian Resources for Responding to Homosexuality Finding Contentment in a Facebook World
Before you know it, social networking can breed a discontented heart. Christians Making Sense of Differing Political Views
How can Christian men and women who serve the same God and are informed by the same Bible arrive at differing political conclusions? The Beatitudes of Social Media
Simple considerations when using social media to protect your relationships and life. The Lost Voices
Many women attending and serving in our churches have had one or more abortions.  How can the church help these wounded women heal?
Hope and Help for Abortion
Abortion resources:  Love and support for post-abortive women. 
Social Media:  It's a Big Deal for Your Teens!
You care deeply about your teen's relationship with Christ.  So how they use or misuse social media really is a big deal!  Protecting Your Kids from Online Dangers
The Internet is not a completely safe place for kids to be. As a parent, it’s up to you to protect your kids from the threats on the Internet Basics of Internet Safety
The Internet has drastically changed the way that children interact with the world.  Parental Control Internet Resources 
If you want to protect your kids from the darker corners of the Internet, parental control software – also known as Internet-monitoring or –filtering software – helps keep children safe even when you’re not around.  From Pop-Ups to Sexting
New Deceptions of Pornography - The industry gives kids free games for their cell phones and then uses pop-ups to lure them into seeing hardcore pornography. Helping Your Kids Make Great Choices
Helping your kids make great choices in love, marriage, dating and sex. The Church is Losing the War!
Unless the Church gets better at protecting the already saved, they are going to lose the battle and the war for our youth.