Christian Singles: Without Distraction

Christian Singles - The gift of singleness includes the freedom to pursue the most meaningful relationship.

“That You may serve the Lord without distraction.”  
1 Corinthians 7:35

By Jill Briscoe

Paul says that the state of being single is a privilege, not a punishment. He encourages us to look upon singleness as a gift.  What do you do with a gift? You say thank you, unwrap it, and discover its charm or usefulness. Some of us have tended to be rudely resentful, or even have been known to refuse God’s gift of singleness, pouting and complaining petulantly that we would much rather have been graced with the gift of marriage.

Paul says the advantage of being single is that we might “serve the Lord without distraction.” There is no doubt in my mind that husbands can be distractions! Dear distractions they may be, but certainly they can cause inner conflict.  “How can I please my husband?” those of us who have a mate wonder, as we worry away our days in this delightful pursuit.  On the other hand, the single person is free to ask, “How can I please my Lord?”

The advantage of the solitary life is obvious. Without the distraction of an earthly husband the needs of the heavenly Husband can be met.  Married women must juggle divided loyalties and seek to pay attention to two partners at once.

So what joy, what unbounded freedom, what purpose is ours if we are privileged to live a single life.  “O Lord, forgive my resentment. Here are my open hands. I receive the gift of singleness You offer me. Help me discover the sweet surprises of the single life. Make me content.”