Life Prayer

By Jill Briscoe


Lord, forgive us for our huge ability to see the faults

in others before we see our own.

Our eyes—so full of planks of prejudice prevent us


from seeing minute motes

of little account

within our brother’s eye.

Guilty as charged, we proudly pronounce

-and they may well be—

But oh, dear Lord, what right do we

small measly mortals

have to judge the motives

of men’s hearts?

Teach us that there be but one

great throne of judgment and

that it be most thoroughly

occupied by Thy dear self.

And may we through the knowledge of Thy Son

demolished by our sense of


so know our jungle natures’ tendencies,

we are forced to cry, “Oh God, be merciful to ‘me,’

a sinner!”

And may the tolerance that

mercy births

precipitate a caring of the heart

producing prayers

set free from

judgment chains that change a


Our world!

Our troubled, tumbled, truculent, terrible,

tantalizing, touching world!

A world of moms and dads and little ones

fighting for their families—

Oh, may they win!

Hold them together, Lord,

Hold them fast,

prevent them from blowing up their lives

with the devil’s dynamite.

Give us grace to tell them—Jesus makes the difference!


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